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Some basic details of our Bookish Star Rewards program are below: 

  • You can get "Bookish Star Points" for each and every purchase from our used book selection. No limits. Just sign up for our rewards program first then shop.
  • Points can be redeemed any on used book orders from our selection.
  • Bookish Star points don't expire.
  • We may offer additional points with special contests, leaving us an authentic review, or because it's your birthday.
  • You and your friends can also get an additional free $5.00 coupon for used books when you share. Your coupon doesn't expire, but there is a minimum order of $5.00. It can only be used once per unique referral and signup.
  • Share as many times you'd like and keep earning those $5.00 discounts of $5.00
  • Please, we beg, don't abuse our referral program. Limit 1 unique $5.00 coupon for each unique referral. A unique referral is counted as per name/per house/per address. Abuse can result in forfeit of any and all points including those you've already earned.
  • Bookish Star Points can only be earned and redeemed at or In-Store or through special offers or promotions we send you.
  • Bookish Star Points cannot be redeemed for cash or equivalents.
  • Bookish Star Points and Coupons cannot be redeemed with other existing promotions or discounts.
  • We reserve the right to terminate or change this program at any time.

What do you get for purchases and how much are Bookish Star Points worth?

  • 10 Bookish Star Points for every $1.00 you spend on used books.
  • 100 Points can get you a $1.00 coupon off your next used book purchase.
  • 1000 Points can get you a $10.00 coupon off your next used book purchase.
  • Points can be redeemed in increments of 100 points.
  • Bookish Star Points for purchases are only earned for the order total minus shipping, taxes, and any other discounts applied to the order.

Follow this example:

  • Spend $100.00. Get 1000 Points. Redeem your points for a $10.00 coupon for your next order.

See our rewards program for more details about redeeming points, sharing your unique link for referrals, and other special offers that might exist.

The Full Bookish Star Rewards F.A.Q. Can Be Read Here

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