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Doing our part to save the world,
and its people, one book at a time

Did you know that approximately 320 million books are thrown away each year? Even in this day and age it's hard to believe!

That's over 600 million pounds of books discarded in our landfills every year!

Torey, Veronica, Don, and Chandler took personal exception with these statistics, and founded Never Enough Books on two basic principals.

That books can change lives, and deserve to be read and enjoyed, rather than discarded.

If a book is too damaged to be used as a book, it can still be useful in other applications. Such as being recycled into other products, or up-cycled into art!

Though being a small for profit business, we are singularly dedicated to doing our part to save the world, and its people, one book at a time.

Book in a landfill
Claps clasped together for teamwork
Child from India Reading a Book

Infographic: Our Collection and Distribution Process

Never Enough Books receives books from a variety of sources, through partnerships with local businesses such as thrift stores and recycling centers. We also source books directly from customers, through donations, collection bins, and even in-home pickups. We use the books we acquire in a number of ways. Not only do we resell them, but we also re-donate them to local charities, offer them to creatives to be repurposed into art, and also recycle them if a book is too damaged to be used in any other capacity. All of this helps keep books out of landfills and contributes to not only a happier, healthier planet, but also happier, healthier people.

Our Collection Bins with a fresh coat of paint. You've seen us in the area!

A Never Enough Books Collection Bin For Books and Media

A small pallet of books ready to be processed. We process thousands of books by the hour.

Stacks of Boxes Full Of Used Books On A Pallet Jack In Our Warehouse

Each of these bales of books weighs up to 1,500 lbs or more. A small compact car weighs about 3,000 lbs.  A book lover's treasure trove!

Picture of Gaylords or Bales Full of Salvage and Used Books in Our Warehouse

We Accept ALL BOOKS and Select Media: Please Read 

In regards to books -we make it easy!
We accept all books in any condition. Period.

You might have been to your recycling center or transfer station and heard that they do not allow hardcovers or textbooks, or they won’t take rotted books to be recycled.
Doesn’t that leave you confused? We are here to end the confusion!

We take any type of book, even if it’s damaged.

 Part our focus is recycling, environmental stewardship, sustainability which is why we are committed to accepting all books, even one that are the hardest to deal with.

The most popular question we get is -

“What about encyclopedias, textbooks, and hardcover books?”

Our answer is always: “Yes we can!”

We work with other providers in the waste and recycling systems to ensure that even the books that cannot be resold, reused, or donated, are always recycled responsibly.

We are proud to say:
we have never allowed a book to enter a landfill and that’s part of the heart of our mission.

Sadly, hundreds of millions of books each year are thrown away into the wrong waste stream where they can’t be re-purposed, take up vital space in landfills and cannot degrade! While the toxic glues and chemicals in books can also leach into the soil and water 

Individuals, organizations, businesses, schools and even sometimes libraries too, do not have the resources or knowledge to discard them properly or are unsure what type of books can be discarded and where!

Recycling books is a complex task. Lot's of resources and coordination go into the process. It takes many hours of manpower, brainpower, sweat and heavy lifting, big trucks, specialized equipment, machinery, and even a lot of sophisticated software and technology to help automate parts of the process. The flow must be fast and efficient as books quickly take up a lot of expensive space! There's also a whole complex waste and recycling global chain to navigate from pulping facilities to paper brokers or re-manufactures. So in the end there’s usually just not enough resources dedicated to the proper redistribution and disposal of book waste and it can be a logistical headache.

 That’s where the Never Enough Books Team steps in, as we specialize in dealing with a book’s full-life-cycle. We are doing our part to be an environmentally and socially responsible solution, to help educate organizations and individuals about proper disposal and recycling of books and other materials. In a light week we process between 5 to 10 tonnes (up to 20,000 lbs) of books. That’s approximately 10,000 to 20,000 books a week, but we’re striving to do much more!

Now you have a one-stop solution to call on.

In regards to other forms of media -
 we can also accept audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays, or CD/DISC based Video Games/Software at this time.

We do not accept: VHS or cassettes.

We, unfortunately, don’t yet have a solution to deal with VHS or cassettes, so we would ask that, if possible, individuals and organizations try to keep those out of the bins as it can create problems during the sorting process and we can't recycle these types of items.

Many books together in the trash recycling

View our Current List of Bins & Collection Sites for your Books and Select Media | Pickup Service Request Forms

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Organizations and Businesses: We Can Meet Your Needs

Never Enough Books works with organizations and businesses of all types. Some of our clients include nonprofits, libraries, municipal and commercial waste service providers. Our team will step in to help your organization whether it is for a one-off project or to provide long-term services.