Harvest Books (November 11, 1999)

Strange Fits of Passion: A Novel

Author: Anita Shreve

The reader is left to uncover the truth in this labryinth of a tale, a riveting story told within the framework of one reporter's notes and a woman's letters from prison. Everyone believes that Maureen and Harrold English, two successful New York City journalists, have a happy, stable marriage. It's the early '70s and no one discusses or even suspects domestic abuse. But after Maureen suffers another brutal beating, she flees New York with her infant daughter and seeks refuge in a small coastal town in Maine. The weeks pass slowly, and just as Maureen begins to heal physically and emotionally, Harrold finds her, bringing the story to a violent, unforgettable end.


Paperback: 352 pages

Publication Date: November 11, 1999

Publisher: Harvest Books

Author: Anita Shreve

ISBN-13: 978-0156007108

Series: Harvest Book

Genres: Literature & Fiction, United States