Yearling; Reissue edition (December 8, 2009)

Dandelion Fire (100 Cupboards Book 2) (The 100 Cupboards)

Author: N. D. Wilson

The bestselling and highly acclaimed 100 Cupboards series continues with its action-packed second book, Dandelion Fire. Perfect for readers who love Percy Jackson, the Unwanteds, and Beyonders!
Henry has discovered that the 100 cupboard doors hidden behind his bedroom wall are actually portals to other worlds. Now he must go through the cupboards to find the truth about where he’s from and who his real parents are. Along the way, Henry is suddenly struck with a gift of magic—a magic that burns so brightly it attracts unwanted attention. As he discovers the strength of his new powers, he is chased by wizards and faeren and ultimately forced into battle with Nimiane, the evil witch-queen. And this time, the witch is not alone….
"A must-read series." —The Washington Post


Paperback: 480 pages

Publication Date: December 8, 2009

Publisher: Yearling

Author: N. D. Wilson

ISBN-13: 978-0375838842

Series: The 100 Cupboards (Book 2)

Genres: Children's Books, Science Fiction & Fantasy