Scholastic Paperbacks (January 1, 2010)

Danni the Drum Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book (Music Fairies #4)

Author: Daisy Meadows

The Music Fairies' magic instruments are missing. Now music everywhere is hitting all the wrong notes! This is our eighth group of fairies; all seven books in this group will launch at once.

Jack Frost and his goblins have stolen the Music Fairies' magic instruments. Music everywhere is out of tune! Now the goblins plan to play the instruments in a TV talent contest. If Rachel and Kirsty don't act fast, everyone could find out about Fairyland!

Rachel and Kirsty are going to be in a music video! Danni the Drum Fairy's instrument is on set, being played by a mischievous goblin. Can the girls snare him?

Find the magic instrument in each book and help keep Fairyland in perfect harmony!


Mass Market Paperback: 80 pages

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks

Author: Daisy Meadows

ISBN-13: 978-0545106276

Series: Music Fairies (Book 4)

Genres: Children's Books, Arts, Music & Photography