Bantam; 1st edition (May 18, 1998)

The Tin Man

Author: Dale Brown

In his ten New York Times bestselling novels, Dale Brown pits men and technology against impossible odds, in stories so vivid and authentic you feel you are part of the action. Now the undisputed master of military suspense brings back aerial combat expert Patrick McLanahan--this time at the center of an undeclared war exploding on the streets of America.

Some call him a terrorist. Others call him a vigilante hero. Dressed in a carbon-filament bodysuit that can instantly harden into stronger-than-steel protective armor, a mysterious figure the public has dubbed the Tin Man roams the urban landscape of Sacramento, California, on a search-and-destroy mission. While some want him dead and others want him decorated, only a handful of people know the truth of who he is: Patrick McLanahan, the nation's most heroic aerial warrior, now retired, who for fifteen years risked his life for his country in the U.S. military.

He is a civilian now, engaged in scientific development for a high-tech company specializing in strategic devices for the armed forces--his workplace more the laboratory than the cockpit. But when his rookie cop brother is injured in a shootout following a bank robbery, McLanahan becomes a one-man army. The enemy is within, on the streets of his own country, and he is the avenger. His targets are international terrorist turned drug lord Gregory Townsend and his Aryan Brigade, which are masterminding the violence taking over the city.

Townsend and the Brigade, out to destroy government authority in pursuit of their racist ideology, fear nothing. But there's one thing they haven't counted on.

Wherever he goes McLanahan's swift and violent justice overpowers the enemy--but at a price. Innocent lives are put in jeopardy whenever he appears, because the police lose tactical control. The more he tests the limits of his technological power--and his own courage--the more he is forced to face up to the implications of what he is doing. Has his passion for revenge taken him over the line? Is his personal war part of the solution to the violent crime sweeping the country...or is it part of the problem?

In Patrick McLanahan, a patriot become a renegade, Dale Brown has given us a hero who must ultimately decide between his own ability to single-handedly take on the forces of violence and the power of established laws to secure a peaceful society. Authoritative in its cutting-edge technology and dazzling in its portrayal of life on the streets of America's cities, The Tin Man is a novel of consummate suspense.


Hardcover: 384 pages

Publication Date: May 18, 1998

Publisher: Bantam

Author: Dale Brown

ISBN-13: 978-0553111064

Genres: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thrillers & Suspense