RH/Disney; unknown edition (January 8, 2013)

Never Girls #2: The Space Between (Disney: The Never Girls)

Author: Kiki Thorpe

The Disney Fairies star in a magical all-new early chapter book series for kids ages 6 to 10—The Never Girls!

Lainey dreams of talking to animals.
Kate craves adventure and excitement.
Mia loves dresses, roses, and anything beautiful.
Gabby believes in fairies more than anyone.

It’s time for the Never Girls to go home. Lainey thinks it’s good-bye forever, but . . . is that a Never mouse in her mother’s kitchen? And why can’t Mia find Bingo? Could there be a splinter between the worlds?


Paperback: 128 pages

Publication Date: January 8, 2013

Publisher: RH/Disney

Author: Kiki Thorpe

ISBN-13: 978-0736427951

Series: Never Girls (Book 2)

Genres: Children's Books, Growing Up & Facts of Life