Kingfisher; US ed edition (June 8, 2010)

Code Quest: Hieroglyphs - Solve the Mystery from Ancient Egypt

Author: Sean Callery

CodeQuest is a brand-new narrative non-fiction series that challenges the reader to solve historical mysteries. Each title presents a unique, interactive story in which the reader learns about historical codes, pictograms and symbols by completing various code-breaking tasks.
A museum houses a splendid statue of a golden cat. It was once part of a pair... so where isits partner? A note inside the display case contains the first in a series of clues, and once it is deciphered, the adventure begins. The story spreads lead the reader from clue to clue, while information spreads form a perfect introduction to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics


Hardcover: 48 pages

Publication Date: June 8, 2010

Publisher: Kingfisher

Author: Sean Callery

ISBN-13: 978-0753464113

Series: CodeQuest

Genres: Children's Books, History