Chartwell Books, Inc.; First Edition edition (October 2, 2009)

The Book of Numbers: From Zero to Inifinity, an Entertaining List of Every Number that Counts

Author: Tim Glynne-Jones

From zero to infinity, The Book of Numbers opens up a new world of knowledge based on the magic of numbers. Within these pages, every number of significance is listed together with its special qualities and associations. Along the way, there are many detours and diversions as well as detailed box-outs which help throw further light on every number that counts. This book is a sequence of numbers, starting from zero and working forward, all presented in a fascinating and fun fashion. 

 Numbers have occupied human thoughts since man first realized he had not one opposable thumb but two. And from simple enumeration they have grown to be the most important and universal language there is. This book highlights the dominant role that numbers play in everyday life, as well as exploring how numbers and number systems evolved, and delving into the mysteries of mankind's most powerful numbers. From algebra to astrology, music to mythology, from religion to recreation and from science to superstition, The Book of Numbers embraces this infinitely broad subject and puts it all in order—beginning with 0.


Hardcover: 192 pages

Publication Date: October 2, 2009

Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc.

Author: Tim Glynne-Jones

ISBN-13: 978-0785824473

Genres: Science & Math, Mathematics