Sterling (December 2000)

Remembering Your Dreams

Author: Craig Hamilton-Parker

Yes, you can learn to recall last night's dreams, those of your childhood, and even those of your past lives! The author of The Illustrated Dream Dictionary reveals his secrets for remembering dreams and interpreting what they mean. Full-color paintings of powerful dream symbols, over 150 of them, will help you remember your dreams more vividly than any other method. Start by learning how to fall asleep for better dreaming. Then find out how to better position yourself in bed (with your head at the foot of your bed is just one surprising tip). Learn the proper kind of sleep for dreaming, and ways to awaken to assure better recall, including drinking "recall tea," keeping dream diaries and dictionaries, and coaxing forgotten dreams with inkblots, mandalas, doodles, tarot cards, and mind maps. As you advance to the altered state of "lucid dreaming," you'll recall your past, even past lives--as well as premonitions of the future.


Paperback: 144 pages

Publication Date: December 2000

Publisher: Sterling

Author: Craig Hamilton-Parker

ISBN-13: 978-0806943435

Genres: Self-Help, Dreams