Sterling (May 28, 2006)

The Wind in the Willows #1: The Riverbank (Easy Reader Classics) (No. 1)

Author: Laura Driscoll

Mole, Water Rat, Badger, and of course, Toad of Toad Hall: these characters have captivated children ever since the early 20th century, when Kenneth Grahame wrote his gentle and humorous tale. Kids will still feel the magic today, as they happily make the acquaintance of Mole, who is seeing a river for the first time ever, and his new friend Ratty.


Paperback: 32 pages

Publication Date: May 28, 2006

Publisher: Sterling

Author: Laura Driscoll

ISBN-13: 978-1402732935

Series: Easy Reader Classics (Book 1)

Genres: Children's Books, Animals